Party Manners: Picking a Day and Time

In today’s Party Manners, let’s talk about when you should host your party. (Cue laughter from my friends: for the last four personal parties I’ve thrown, we’ve had to change the day after invites went out. Things happened, like 101.4 degree fevers. Which is a whole other topic: why your party will never be perfect but will still be great!)

I always host parties on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. We’ve been invited to parties that start at 6 p.m. or later, and frankly, we try to say no to those invitations. They just don’t work for our bath and bedtime schedule. Even on a Friday or Saturday night, we put our girls to bed at their normal time so they are not over-tired and grumpy the next day. As they get older (they are 6 1/2 now), we can flex more on bedtime. But honestly, it’s usually just not worth ruining a weekend family day for a party.

Based on a strictly unscientific poll of other moms, invitations for weekday or weekend night parties make our eyes roll. Of course I know plenty of parents who let their kids stay up later than we do (8 p.m.), and that works for them. But be aware that if you schedule a party for a time other than Saturday or Sunday during the day, your invitations may be met with reluctance … not because they don’t want to attend, but because the parents don’t want to disrupt everything else to attend.

I think 2 p.m. is just about the perfect party time for a number of reasons:

  • You’ll have morning party prep time.
  • Your guests will be done with lessons or religious services.
  • Your guests will be ready for a post-lunch snack, and yet the party is still early enough that dinner won’t be ruined.
What’s your favorite party day and time?

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