Tutorial: Tea Party Polka Dot Doily Pom

Lucky you… I wound up not using my doily poms during our tea party on Sunday and so I won’t put them in the party plan… which means: free tutorial for you!

My poms were based on doily poms in the Halloween special issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. (Great issue: run out and buy it.) Theirs used unbleached coffee filters for a great aged look. But I wanted mine to be cute instead of spooky, so I added a pink polka dot cupcake liner and used bleached coffee filters. I also  found part of the BHG instructions hard to replicate, so I found my own work around. These are really pretty easy.

You’ll Need:

3 sizes of round doilies

2 sizes of coffee filters

Polka dot cupcake wrappers

Safety pins


1. Flatten your coffee filters.

2. Alternate your coffee filters, doilies and cupcake wrapper in order from biggest to smallest.

3. Fold your layers in half.

4.  Fold your layers in half again (into a quarter of the original size).

5. Softly fold the bottom point and twist the point as much as you can. It will be thick enough that it will be hard to fold.

6. BHG says to wrap the twisted point with florist wire. I couldn’t get florist wire to stay in place, so I whipped out my handy dandy safety pins and they got the job done.

7. Carefully fluff out your pom from the center. Don’t pull the edges of your doily or it will rip. (Not that I learned this the hard way or anything.)

8. Your pom will not be ball-shaped; it will be a flat on the back side. So, to create a fuller pom, tie three together by inserting ribbon in the safety pins. You pom will have a very full front and still a flat back, which is great for hanging against a flat backdrop. If you want a ball shaped pom, just keep adding more poms.

9. And here’s your finished, three-pom product.

This would be a great project to work on with your kids (as long as you handle the safety pin and fluffing). Enjoy!



  1. laurence59 says:

    it’s a very good idea !!!

  2. Thanks for this sweet tutorial. I love the doily pompom look with the pink and white. Great idea Jennifer. I will be sure to use this for the next event.

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