Freebie Friday: Halloween & Thanksgiving Printables

I owe a lot to Kori of Paper & Pigtails: she was the first blog to publish one of my parties (see my July 4th party here). With absolute honesty, I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to launch Double the Fun Parties without that boost from Kori.

So, I’m really excited to feature her FREE Fall printables. And that’s why I’ve squeezed in a Friday Freebie on Thursday. Kori is a smart girl and she’s combined her Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations with one color palette. All you do is switch out your signage and you’ve moved from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

The free set includes party circles and signs for both holidays. If you want to order the rest of the set, visit her Etsy shop.

To access the printables, check out Kori’s perfect photos and you’ll find the printables link at the end of the post.

Thanks Kori!



  1. Wow who knew that chocolate and white could be so beautiful. We all need a little push here and there. To all the Kori in our lives, Thank You! Great post Jennifer.

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