Vintage Tea Party – Part 2

Welcome to part two of our Vintage Tea Party! Today, we’re focused on the activities. (If you missed Part 1, you can see it here.)

Our first activity was to make our party hats. The girls could chose boas, butterflies, and flowers to attach to their hats and I helped them with the hot glue. Once at the table, the girls opened their crackers for necklaces, put on their gloves and they were ready for tea, which of course, was our main activity.

After tea, we went outside for a few games. First up was a teaspoon relay. We broke into teams. Each girl had a spoon with a sugar cube. They had to carry the spoon straight out and drop the sugar cube into a teapot. Whichever team got the most cubes in the teapot won the relay.

Tea parties are a great opportunity to make manners and ladylike behavior fun, so we practiced walking with books balanced on our heads. They really got engaged with this activity!

Finally, we had a piñata. Each girl had an empty goodie bag for collecting her piñata treasures. I thought they didn’t need any more sweets, so our piñata minimized the candy and included teapot stickers and dress-up rings.

We’ll have the Vintage Tea Party Plan and Kit in the shop soon! 


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