Tutorial: Altering Starbucks Frappuccino Bottles

For our Christmas Card Writing Party, I wanted to serve the children milk to offset the sweet treats. But I also didn’t want milk accidently spilled all over the table. This was the perfect excuse to buy myself some Starbucks Frappuccinos!

For this project, I recruited my husband (or as I now call him “Vice President of Special Projects, Packaging and Shipping”) and Don gets the credit for knowing how to punch a hole in the Frappuccino cap. (He also gets extra points for coming up with this idea the morning of the party.)


Frappuccino bottles



Empty orange juice jug

Printable bottle wrap (purchase through our Etsy shop as part of our Christmas Card Writing Party Kit)

Plastic straws

Scrapbooking paper


Circle hole punch

Power Glue Stick

Scotch tape


1 – Decant the Frappuccino from the bottles. Peel off the front and back labels. Wash the bottles and caps in your dishwasher.

2 – Wash the awl.

3 – Take the lid off your empty OJ bottle. Cover the opening with a bit of paper towel. Place your Starbucks cap over the OJ bottle opening. Place the awl in the center of the Starbucks cap and hammer it until you have a straw-sized hole.

4 – Rewash and dry your Starbucks cap.

5 – Turn a cap facedown on your scrapbook paper and trace as many circles as you need to cover the caps.

6 – Cut out the circles well within the line.

7 – Use your hole punch to punch a circle in the center of your circles.

8 – Apply Power Glue Stick to the outside of the cap and to the underside of the scrapbook paper circles. Press the circles onto the caps.

9 – Print and trim the printable bottle labels. Use Scotch tape to apply the labels to your bottles.

10 – Fill your bottles most of the way with milk. Attach the caps and insert the straws.




  1. This is genius! Thank you for sharing!

  2. loved the idea,i will use it for my baby’s first birthday!thanks you!!suee

  3. Great way of reuseing those bottles. They came out great! Very smart.


  1. […] prevent spills, I provided milk in Starbucks bottles with altered lids, and covered the edges of the lids with white cardstock and the tops with more silver garland. The […]

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