Free Christmas Countdown Printable

You may have seen this idea before, but I never had, so I wanted to share it with you. My daughter brought home a Christmas countdown bell from school last week — and I love the idea. (Way to go Mrs. Long!) I thought you might like a version for your own family. So I turned to Wendy Oliver of Green Beansie Cards and she volunteered to create this printable version just for you!

The poem on the bell reads:
December 1st to Christmas is the longest time of the year.
Seems as though old Santa Claus never will appear.
Undo a chain each night when the Sandman casts his spell,
And Christmas Eve will be here by the time you reach this bell.
Merry Christmas!

Click here to download your bell printable. Just print and cut out the bell, then have your kids make a paper chain of 25 red and green links. Attach the construction paper links to the bottom of the bell. Remove a link each day to count down the days til Christmas.

Green Beansie Custom Printables offers crisp, classic and nautical themes inspired by creator Wendy Oliver’s love of vintage interior design coupled with an up-town modern edge.
Her designs have been featured on The Martha Stewart Blog, Amy Atlas, Pizzazzerie, Tip Junkie and Chic & Cheap Nursery.


  1. This is such a cute idea! Thank you for the little write-up about my shop!

  2. Such a great idea!

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