Freebie Friday: Reindeer Food Tags

Last year, we sprinkled reindeer food on the front lawn for the first time, and the girls loved it! Our Christmas Eve tradition is an early service at church, Crock-Pot dinner (I have a great recipe I’ll share with you), then jammies, riding around to see the lights, setting out the cookies for Santa and finally bed. Whew! So you would think we couldn’t add more to the night, but you’d be wrong!

Reindeer food is basically dry oatmeal, glitter, sugar crystals … really, whatever you want to throw in there. Your kids can help make it; proportions don’t really matter. Just mix it up and you’re good. Package it in baggies, top with one of these cute printables, and then let your children sprinkle it on the lawn.

The light from Rudolph’s nose will make glitter shine and guide Santa’s way to your house!

Shindig Parties TO GO: FREE Reindeer Food Tags

{Free Printables} Reindeer Food Tags! | The TomKat Studio

Freebies –  Whimsie Doodles


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