Polka Dot Christmas Break Fun Jar Craft

We have 17 days to fill over Christmas break, and while the holiday and visits with family and friends will take up some of that time, I know I’m going to need to have some fun projects ready to go for our six-year-old twin girls. Hence the Christmas Break Fun Jar! Take a cookie jar, use The TomKat Studio Vintage Rudolph printables, and embellish with whatever you have on hand. I used ribbon scraps and jingle bells left over from our teacher gifts.

Inside, I used more of Kim’s printables: one a day, each with an activity for the day. Each card went into an A2 size red envelope from Hobby Lobby so the activity would stay a surprise. I chose ideas that we could do any day, so it doesn’t matter what the girls draw when. (We won’t draw on Christmas.)

By choosing all our activities ahead of time, I can pre-purchase any supplies we need. I also can decide what our activity budget is, so most of the ideas are inexpensive at-home crafts. The girls will take turns drawing cards, which I’m hoping will eliminate the squabbles we sometimes have about how to spend an afternoon!

Off to play board games and drink cocoa!

Here are all of our plans (plus a few extra) — maybe you can use some, too!

  1. Make coffee filter snowflakes.
  2. Bake pretzel treats.
  3. Wrap gifts (this may sound mundane, but Meg and Grace love wrapping).
  4. Make crayons (this is making new crayons out of broken crayon bits).
  5. Birthday party craft #1 (they love helping plan their parties).
  6. Birthday party craft #2.
  7. Playdate.
  8. Make playdough.
  9. Take Christmas photos (can’t believe we still haven’t done this).
  10. Science experiment (we got a science kit last year and haven’t used it yet).
  11. Decorate playroom for New Year’s Eve (I’ll be sharing this one with you).
  12. Drive around to see Christmas lights.
  13. Make cookies for Santa.
  14. Ice skating.
  15. Practice rainbow cake for birthday party.
  16. Go see Chipmunks movie.
  17. Do red/green at-home mani pedis.
  18. Family slumber party under the Christmas tree (this was my hubby’s idea).
  19. Shop for sister’s gift.
  20. Drop off Toys for Tots donation (I think it’s important for the girls to be involved and understand that not all kids will have a holiday like theirs).
  21. Lego-building contest.
  22. Make orange and clove pomanders.

Enjoy! Jennifer



  1. Monica Garcia says:

    REALLY! you are awesome…that is a wonderful idea. I have 3 kids that will be home for 14 days….I am going to need TWO jars….lol

  2. Such a fantastic idea…I love how you can have the control over what activities are ultimately going to be done and be organized for them but letting the kids pick the card lets them feel involved in the decision making. Love it!!!

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