Looking Back at 2011 and Saying “Thank You”

Do of Piggy Bank Parties offered a great post the other day, thanking the other party folk who inspired her in 2011. (Read it here.) Do’s blog, Oink is “a place where we could help people plan and execute easy, fun and memorable parties on a Piggy Bank budget. Check out Oink!, the Piggy Bank Parties’ blog, for insider tips, recipes, favor ideas, themes, invitation ideas, games and so much more!”

(And can I just say that the budget party is always more inspiring to me? Shopping is just not that hard, people. It’s fun, but it’s not hard. Much more challenging is to look at what you have with new eyes and apply your own crafty touch to your party. Love that.)

So, I’m going to take a page from Do’s book and offer my own gratitude to the ladies who helped Double the Fun Parties launch in 2011. Here they are, in roughly chronological order.

Kori of Paper & Pigtails

Kori published my first party, our Budget July 4th Celebration. She gave me the boost of confidence I needed to take seriously the friends who kept telling me I could be a professional party planner. (And a side thank you to my college room mate Laura, who is in a play group with Kori and gave me the idea of submitting my party to Kori’s site.)

Susan of Think LTV Marketing

Susan is another college friend, the godmother of one of my daughters, but also a marketing guru. Susan has sat with me at Starbucks and PURE, talking about my business name and concept, asking me good questions, telling me how she’d tweak my logo and business card. I’m grateful and owe her many, many Frappuccinos.

Kim of The TomKat Studio

So it goes without saying that Kim has great taste. And that’s why when she recommended WordPress for blogging, LaunchHER for business start-up advice, and Pretty Darn Cute for graphic design, I ran with it. And when Kim posted on FB about my Polka Dot Christmas Break Fun Jar that featured her Vintage Rudolph collection, I had my biggest day ever on the blog. Thank you, Kim!

Kara and Tracy of LaunchHER

Fellow Minnesotans Kara and Tracy specialize in advising women-owned start ups on the legal and marketing aspects of their business. I was amazed at how much they packed into each conference call we had, how much thought they put into my business, and how they were able to meet me where I was — tailoring their advice to “now” and “later.” They also referred me to Ahoy Graphics (more on that later).

Lindsey of Pretty Darn Cute Design

Lindsey is so sweet. Hard stop. She designed my logo, website banner, Etsy banner and Facebook profile image. She is a dream to work with, and all about coming up with the right solution and making the customer happy (not always the same thing!). Work with her if you have the chance!

Kristen of Ahoy Graphics

Kristen is developing my new website. I’ve been getting sneak peeks for a while now and can’t wait to unveil it to you — I hope by the end of the month. Kristen really grasped the two divergent things I wanted my site and blog and shop to be and she’s managing to put them all together in a way that works. I hope you’ll love it!

The Ladies of Party People on Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers

What a blessing it was to was become a member of this group! These ladies take time out of their busy days to support other bloggers and shop owners. We post each other’s parties, brag about each other’s great ideas, and give each other those much need pats on the back. I’m so happy to have met them all, but especially The Party Wagon, Easy Made Invitations, The Petite Soiree, We Love Crafty Tracy, Tickled Peach Studio, and Ashlee Rae! (I hope I haven’t left any of the key players out!)

The Free Printables Designers

I’ve said it before: I am not a designer. So it’s been really exciting to bring you free printables designed just for my readers from these generous designers: Green Beansie Cards (Christmas countdown bell), HR Creative (Christmas countdown bell #2), Bugaboo Announcements (New Year’s Eve banner). We’ll bring you more printables designed just for you in 2012.

Lissette of Viridian Images Photography

I worked with Lissette in past life. Now she has launched her own business and I launched mine, and we get to work together again. Starting in September 2011, she has photographed all my parties, and as Robert Frost said, that has made all the difference.

Bird of Bird’s Party

Bird, my sweet friend in France whom I’ve never met. I could do a whole post just about Bird. Despite having an enormously successful business herself, Bird has taken an interest in my little business. She sponsored my first giveaway, but most importantly, she took a personal interest and has offered me invaluable advice. I SO look forward to working with her in 2012! I love her sweet spirit.

Jillian of Catch My Party

Jillian asked me to post a party on her page. And now two of my parties have been featured in her Party of the Day rotation. How good did that make me feel? Her “cupcakes” matter, let me tell you!

Catch My Party

Sally of Polka Dot Market

Sally has very sweetly posted on Facebook about some of my polka dot-inspired designs, like some of my wreaths. And because of her fans, I’ve learned more about what you like to see. (Plus, I love shopping her site!)

Sarah of Brown Paper Goods

I found Sarah on Etsy and she kindly turned her terrific Christmas card into a complete party printables set for my Christmas Card Writing Party. The party was eventually published by Gig Masters, The Party Wagon and Kara’s Party Ideas, so thank you Sarah for helping me have a huge hit! I hope we’ll be selling  Christmas Card Writing Party Kits together in 2012!

Kara of Kara’s Party Ideas

When I saw that Kara had posted my Christmas Card Writing Party, I jumped up and did a little dance. In fact, I think I danced most of the day. Then, I explained who Kara was to my husband and kept dancing.

Chris of Celebrations at Home

I’ve loved Chris’s blog and party spotlights from a distance well before I ever dreamed of Double the Fun Parties. I’m so excited that she just featured my New Year’s Eve Party with printables from Bugaboo Announcements. There is nothing else like someone saying (essentially) “good job.” Thank you, Chris!

Brittany of Edible Details

First of, Brittany is an amazing fondant artist. “Amazing” is an over-used word, but it’s the right one here. Her cupcake toppers for my Christmas Card Writing Party were my favorite part of that party. I can’t wait to see what see does for our Wizard of Oz party! And, when she said, “How about including my cupcake toppers in your party kits?” I knew it was the start of a beautiful friendship!

You have each made such a difference for me and I thank you for your generosity and look forward to continuing to work with each of you in 2012!




  1. What a sweet, heartfelt post! My dear, I don’t know much, but am always happy to share the little I know with such talented, hardworking friends! I wish you all the best and continued success in 2012!

    Thank you for reaching out and working with me!
    Much love,

  2. What a wonderful post!! There are so many amazing ladies in this circle and I love that you have had the chance to get to know so many and have had so many wonderful experiences!! You are so sweet and such a joy to work with and I am loving watching you grow!

  3. What a lovely post! Thank you so much for your support and friendship, I am so very happy to have met you as well! Much love and light, big dreaming and joyfulness in 2012!

  4. Such a sweet, inspiring post! Looking forward to working with you more in 2012!

  5. I just discovered this! Thank you, and I hope to work with you again in 2012!!

  6. Thank you for including me in your sweet post, Jennifer! Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks for the kind words! Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings you!

  8. It has been lovely to work with you, Jennifer! We know that 2012 is going to bring amazing things for DFP…Cheers!

  9. Just catching up on blog posts I have missed over the last couple of weeks…thank you so much for including me in your sweet and inspiring post. What an great year you have had! I’m looking forward to seeing what amazing things you achieve in 2012.

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