It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Your door bells will soon be ringing and little girls in blue and brown and green will be sweetly asking you to buy some Girl Scout cookies from them. Please say yes! (Especially to my two!)

If you have Girl Scouts of your own, here a few ways to get you ready for cookie selling.

I pulled out my scrapbooking stash and embellished clipboards for the girls to use while selling. They get a little shy about asking for orders, so I thought “COOKIES” might help get them over the hump. I styled this for Daisies, but you could easily make yours for Brownies or Girl Scouts. (The Daisy embellishments are from the K and Company line that I found at Hobby Lobby.)

Missy of Crafty Carnival created this Cookies Sales Goal Sheet for her daughter’s troop. I love that it helps them keep their goals in mind and reminds them of their manners.

Cookie Sales Goal Sheet

She also created these thank you notes. They are meant to be colored in by your girls and then presented with the cookie deliveries. Mine really had fun making these last year. They made pink girls, green girls, purple girls!

Girl Scout Thank You Tags

Enjoy! Jennifer



  1. OMG Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!! I was looking for something like this for my daughter!

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