Valentine’s Day Spa Party from Itsy Belle

As soon as I saw this party from Itsy Belle, I knew I had to share it with you all. Christy created a Valentine’s spa that would work for girls (or women!) of any age. I love the idea of making Valentine’s a special day with friends. (I think this would be an especially great way to celebrate Valentine’s with a teenage daughter and friends who might be at that boyfriend-less stage and feeling a little left out of the big day.)

Paper Lanterns from Luna Bazaar. This sweet little welcome sign kicks off the party with a luxury hotel feel.

Guests were welcomed with towels, robes, and Moodylicous favor bags complete with flower headbands.

Christy provided Moodylicous Children’s Spa Products for her guests to do mani-pedis and facials. Guests also received Moodylicous Chocolate Face Frosting, Cotton Candy Body Mist, and Cotton Candy Lotions.

A mani-pedi station was setup and each guest received a mani-pedi kit.

The girls were pampered with Moodylicous Chocolate Sugar Scrub (because what says Valentine’s Day more than chocolate?).

How cute is this Little Miss?

Christy didn’t just have a dessert table — she had an entire spa {sweet} treatments cabinet!

The pink ombre garland was made from paint chips. (With all the paint chip inspiration out there, does anyone else feel a little sorry for the paint store?)

Another fun party favor with bath beads, loofah, sundae dish and spoon: soapy spa sundaes.

A pink ombre ruffle cake is topped with mini “love” bunting.

“Sugar Scrub Treatment” was offered, consisting of pink marshmallows dipped in pink sugar. (The heart shaped photo holders are from Pier 1 Imports.) And I adore the little party flags!

Lettered Mini Marshmallows as “Marshmallow Love Letters,” Pink Cotton Candy as “Sugar Cotton Balls,” and Peppermint Neccos as “Candy Bath Bombs” were just some of the Valentine’s and spa-themed sweets.

Guests drank a “love potion.”

The girls ended their spa day with Moodylicous Wicked Chocolate Face Frosting.You can purchase Moodylicous Wicked Chocolate Face Frosting here!

Printables are available in Itsy Belle’s Etsy shop!

Enjoy! Jennifer



  1. Gorgeous party! And I love that ombre cake!

  2. Stefani {la belle parties} says:

    Love, love, love this party!! It is so sweet and what tween doesn’t want to be pampered. ❤

  3. So cute! Love the marshmallow sugar scrub!

  4. This party looks like sooo much fun! I love the soapy sundaes!

  5. Love this party as well!! Christy did a fabulous job creating the perfect party using Christina’s awesome products!!

  6. I love our party !!!!!!!

  7. Hello from DID. Such a super cute party. Love the ‘sundaes’, very creative;)

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