Guest Party: Mint and Teal Gender Reveal Party

You just have to love a party inspired by a shower curtain! Sarah De Jesus of Dreamers Joy Events & Design created this gender reveal party for her sister, who is expecting her first child in May. Sarah tied in the pictograph images from the shower curtain for the party’s boy/girl illustrations. (Did you know the restroom sign illustrations had a name? I didn’t. Learn something new every day!)

Out of so many lovely details, the other part of this shower that I really like is the color scheme of mint green, teal, sage, chocolate brown and tan. I’ve seen plenty of pink/blue or yellow gender reveal parties, but this color palette is much more sophisticated.

Sarah hosted 15 close family members for dinner and the reveal. For most reveal parties, you cut a cake and see a pink or blue interior. But Sarah had the fun idea of doing the reveal through cake pops! Arlene Saint-Hilaire of Sweets by Arlene made the cake pops with the secret color. Sarah says, “Besides the doctor, she was the only one who knew the sex of the baby!” (And yes, you have to wait til the end of the post to find out what the baby will be.)

Arlene not only baked the cake pops, she designed the pictograph party circles. The boy and girl images have a little ? in the middle, which is a sweet reminder of the big question.

Once guests had chosen boy or girl, they cast their votes on a tally board — a new use of the ever popular chalkboard.

After voting, the guests pinned on either a boy or girl tag.

Dessert table time! Sarah created two pendant banners for the dessert table, as well as matching cupcake toppers with some mint green, polka dot and tan cardstock.

The desserts included sugar cookies, carrot cupcakes, white chocolate mints, pop corn, pretzels, and cotton candy — all in the color palette, but kept simple to avoid detracting from the cake pops.

Sarah says, “Our family enjoyed a nice dinner as they shared childhood stories about the mom and dad to be. They also LOVED the idea of casting their votes and although most of them had their minds set out on a “girl” vote; they were pretty excited and hesitant to take a bite into one of those cake pops!”

It’s a GIRL! Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your party with us!

Vendor Resources:

Design, Styling, Execution and Photography by Sarah De Jesus of Dreamers Joy Events & Design

Cake pops and labels by Arlene Saint-Hilaire of Sweets by Arlene


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