Guest Party: 1930s American Girl Doll Party

My girls and all their friends have hit the American Girl Doll age. I mean, it’s a big event when the catalog arrives in the mail. So when I found this 1930s-style American Girl Doll party from Calli of Make It Do, I had to share it with you. As you know by now, party activities are as important to me as beautiful styling, and this party is really notable for the pitch-perfect activities.

Calli made these invitations, which are designed to look like a handkerchief – love that! She also made the envelope, and you can find her tutorial here. I suppose girls of Kit and Ruthie’s era would normally carry a hanky. I bought my girls old-fashioned looking hankies a few years ago and they love them and know to keep them in their purses. So sweet!

The party was held at Calli’s home (and you know I also love an at-home party). She repeated the gingham and calico elements throughout her decor, including on her dessert table and as bunting. Her girls even got to help sew the bunting from these charming fabrics — you know they must have been so proud of themselves. (And, sewing. Another great lesson from the 30s. Calli had it going on.)

One party activity was to sign autograph books that Calli made. I had an autograph book in elementary school. It’s still around here somewhere, with my little friends’ school photos pasted in and their wobbly signatures. Fritz and Missy. Those were the days. But I digress.

Calli made the autograph books and says, “It was an easy activity that required vintage looking cardstock (from the City Park Collection from American Crafts), white printer paper, and matching narrow ribbon. I used a hole punch, paper cutter and a bone folder for tools. It took me less than an hour to whip up 10 books, one for each girl. They couldn’t have been less expensive, easier to make… or sweeter when done.” Really inspired. Best of all, the books also doubled as a party favor, and I hope, as a forever keepsake.

Other party activities included playing 1930s games like Drop the Handkerchief, which I hadn’t heard of, but it sounds like playing Duck, Duck, Goose while singing the “a tisket, a tasket” song. All you need is a hanky. I swear those traditional party games really stand the test of time, and of course, they are new to our kids.

Calli says they also played “Clothes Pin Drop into Mason jars. Hold the clothespin to your nose, without bending over and try to drop it into the mason jar sitting on the floor.” It sounds a bit like the “sugar cube relay/drop the sugar cube into a tea pot” game that we played at our Vintage Tea Party, and so I’m sure Calli’s guests loved the game.

To make their dolls feel like part of the action, the girls made doll-size party hats for Kit, Ruthie, etc. Calli even has a doll party hat template for you.

After games, the girls had tea with mini cupcakes, chocolate mint brownies, eclairs, strawberries and raspberry lemonade.

The party favors were the autograph books, jacks, a paper fan, and taffy. To package the favors, Calli returned to her gingham and calico paper to embellish a white lunch sack and finished it with a clothespin.

Thanks to Calli for letting me share her party with you. To see more photos from her sweet party, click 1930s American Girl Party.


Guest Party: Mint and Teal Gender Reveal Party

You just have to love a party inspired by a shower curtain! Sarah De Jesus of Dreamers Joy Events & Design created this gender reveal party for her sister, who is expecting her first child in May. Sarah tied in the pictograph images from the shower curtain for the party’s boy/girl illustrations. (Did you know the restroom sign illustrations had a name? I didn’t. Learn something new every day!)

Out of so many lovely details, the other part of this shower that I really like is the color scheme of mint green, teal, sage, chocolate brown and tan. I’ve seen plenty of pink/blue or yellow gender reveal parties, but this color palette is much more sophisticated.

Sarah hosted 15 close family members for dinner and the reveal. For most reveal parties, you cut a cake and see a pink or blue interior. But Sarah had the fun idea of doing the reveal through cake pops! Arlene Saint-Hilaire of Sweets by Arlene made the cake pops with the secret color. Sarah says, “Besides the doctor, she was the only one who knew the sex of the baby!” (And yes, you have to wait til the end of the post to find out what the baby will be.)

Arlene not only baked the cake pops, she designed the pictograph party circles. The boy and girl images have a little ? in the middle, which is a sweet reminder of the big question.

Once guests had chosen boy or girl, they cast their votes on a tally board — a new use of the ever popular chalkboard.

After voting, the guests pinned on either a boy or girl tag.

Dessert table time! Sarah created two pendant banners for the dessert table, as well as matching cupcake toppers with some mint green, polka dot and tan cardstock.

The desserts included sugar cookies, carrot cupcakes, white chocolate mints, pop corn, pretzels, and cotton candy — all in the color palette, but kept simple to avoid detracting from the cake pops.

Sarah says, “Our family enjoyed a nice dinner as they shared childhood stories about the mom and dad to be. They also LOVED the idea of casting their votes and although most of them had their minds set out on a “girl” vote; they were pretty excited and hesitant to take a bite into one of those cake pops!”

It’s a GIRL! Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your party with us!

Vendor Resources:

Design, Styling, Execution and Photography by Sarah De Jesus of Dreamers Joy Events & Design

Cake pops and labels by Arlene Saint-Hilaire of Sweets by Arlene

Hello Kitty Party from Cakewalk

If you’ve browsed Pinterest lately, you’ve seen a lot of love for Hello Kitty parties. So I think you’ll really like this Hello Kitty party from Michelle of Cakewalk. Michelle designed all the printables and prepared all the sweets — including the darling Hello Kitty cake! (Not sure when she sleeps…)

This candy table was designed for little Daniella’s second birthday. This table featured classic candy that all the guests were swooning over.

To celebrate this special birthday, Michelle made a Hello Kitty cake decked out in a pink party dress and a pearl necklace! On the inside was a white cake with strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream frosting– yum!

Hello Kitty Pez dispensers were surrounded by Pez refills, mini swirl lollipops, Necco Wafers and Pixy Stix. Candy rings and bracelets were stacked up high and candy lipstick, Hello Kitty lollipops and Nik-L-Nips added to the sweet display.

Michelle designed the Necco wafer wraps.

These were my favorite as a kid! I thought it was so wild that you could bite off the top of the wax bottle!

Michelle used her flag wrappers on the Pixy Stiks. (At our house, I confiscated our left over Pixy Stiks from Halloween and they are on a shelf only Mommy can reach. Don’t tell.)

Once the cake was cut, guests were able to fill their favor boxes with the candy of their choice. It was, very literally, kids in a candy store!

We used to get candy bracelets on the way to my Grandparents’ lake place. Who knew candy held so many childhood memories?

Love this party? Then you’ll want to head over to Michelle’s Etsy shop because she’s having a 40% off sale right now. Just enter PARTYWITHCAKEWALK at checkout. (This is called the Pretty in Pink collection in her shop.)

Valentine’s Day Spa Party from Itsy Belle

As soon as I saw this party from Itsy Belle, I knew I had to share it with you all. Christy created a Valentine’s spa that would work for girls (or women!) of any age. I love the idea of making Valentine’s a special day with friends. (I think this would be an especially great way to celebrate Valentine’s with a teenage daughter and friends who might be at that boyfriend-less stage and feeling a little left out of the big day.)

Paper Lanterns from Luna Bazaar. This sweet little welcome sign kicks off the party with a luxury hotel feel.

Guests were welcomed with towels, robes, and Moodylicous favor bags complete with flower headbands.

Christy provided Moodylicous Children’s Spa Products for her guests to do mani-pedis and facials. Guests also received Moodylicous Chocolate Face Frosting, Cotton Candy Body Mist, and Cotton Candy Lotions.

A mani-pedi station was setup and each guest received a mani-pedi kit.

The girls were pampered with Moodylicous Chocolate Sugar Scrub (because what says Valentine’s Day more than chocolate?).

How cute is this Little Miss?

Christy didn’t just have a dessert table — she had an entire spa {sweet} treatments cabinet!

The pink ombre garland was made from paint chips. (With all the paint chip inspiration out there, does anyone else feel a little sorry for the paint store?)

Another fun party favor with bath beads, loofah, sundae dish and spoon: soapy spa sundaes.

A pink ombre ruffle cake is topped with mini “love” bunting.

“Sugar Scrub Treatment” was offered, consisting of pink marshmallows dipped in pink sugar. (The heart shaped photo holders are from Pier 1 Imports.) And I adore the little party flags!

Lettered Mini Marshmallows as “Marshmallow Love Letters,” Pink Cotton Candy as “Sugar Cotton Balls,” and Peppermint Neccos as “Candy Bath Bombs” were just some of the Valentine’s and spa-themed sweets.

Guests drank a “love potion.”

The girls ended their spa day with Moodylicous Wicked Chocolate Face Frosting.You can purchase Moodylicous Wicked Chocolate Face Frosting here!

Printables are available in Itsy Belle’s Etsy shop!

Enjoy! Jennifer

Valentine’s Day Luncheon from Just Call Me Martha

I fell in love with this Valentine’s cake on Pinterest and found the party it’s attached to on Catch My Party. So, I’m thrilled that Leoni Jena from the blog Just Call Me Martha has graciously allowed Double the Fun Parties to feature her Valentine’s luncheon here.

Leoni was inspired by Kikki K’s Sweet Heart collection (see below) and used elements of it in her party.

So, aside from the cake, the backdrop of envelopes may be my favorite element. Leoni bought 40 envelopes at a dollar store and stuck them straight to her wall. Love the single red envelope!

Here is another shot of the cake. Leoni says, “The cake was inspired by the gorgeous heart bunting pattern on the Kikki K wrapping paper and the heart pattern found on most of their Valentine cards. It is actually a very simple cake, I used a clay extruder to create the red “string” and edible paper to create the hearts.” OK, so it may be simple for Leoni, but I’m impressed.

Leonie’s Valentine’s day card for her hubs – love the combo of modern + polka dot.

To create paper elements for her table, Leoni used the Kikki K sticker book. Very economical!

For favors, Leoni used Chinese take-out boxes and filled them with heart chocolates. Leoni says, “These cute cards came from the Kikki mini note set, aren’t they adorable? Mini heart pegs are also from Kikki K.”

In addition to the beautiful tablescape, Leoni made all the food herself, including mini raspberry trifles, mini cheesecake bites, raspberry and coconut mini cupcakes, chocolate hearts, love letter cookies heart sugar cookies, and coconut & pineapple milkshakes. (Note to self: visit Australia, make friends with Leoni.)

These love letter sugar cookies have an edible paper stamp (stamp design from Kikki K).

These heart cookies on a stick also were inspired by the Kikki K collection.

Finally, here are the individual cheesecakes with red chocolate and a red heart topper.

It’s all just so fabulous. Leoni is a self-taught baker and cake decorator. Her blog, Just Call Me Martha, is, of course, a tongue-in-cheek homage to Martha Stewart where she features parties, cakes and crafts.

Enjoy! Jennifer

Real Party: Braydon’s Polar Express 7th Birthday

My girls’ friend Braydon had a fun and beautiful Polar Express birthday party on Saturday and I couldn’t resist taking pictures and sharing it with you. (Please excuse the photography that does not do the party justice!)

Braydon’s mom Tricia turned her whole first floor — including garage and backyard — into a winter wonderland that all the kids loved. (And can I just say there were 25 kids in attendance and they all had a great time!) Are you ready to be impressed? Not including food, Tricia created this entire party on a $95 budget! We love thrifty, crafty moms!

So let’s start with Tricia’s homemade invitation — a train ticket: perfect.

Tricia used clipart that she found online to create the invitations and then she personlized it using PowerPoint. She also offers this great tip: “If you are doing a Polar Express birthday theme, there is a great website, The website has printable games, coloring pages, name tags, and other ideas to use.”

The party started at 6 p.m. and so our first order of business was pizza for the kids and hot hors d’oeuvres for the adults. From Tricia’s dining room table chandelier, she hung snowflakes to set the mood.

In fact, Tricia’s entire home was charmingly decorated for the holidays, and I thought she was so smart to choose a party theme that took advantage of the Christmas decor she already had displayed. She did an amazing job of incorporating natural elements, like magnolia leaves and walnuts — I would never have thought of walnuts! And I love her colors: green and bronze. So how great is this grouping of one mirror and two old frames?

After pizza, the kids went to the garage to decorate gingerbread houses. So once again, hats off to Tricia, because it would not have occurred to me to use my garage when in need of extra space! But with two long card tables and a space heater, this was the perfect setting. Tricia pre-made all the gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and then provided every kind of candy imaginable and zip top baggies of royal icing for the kids to work with. (She averaged 5 houses for 1 box of graham crackers.)

I love that Braydon and his younger brother helped Tricia make the royal icing and put the gingerbread houses together. Tricia even shared her great royal icing recipe with us! 4 cups of confectioners sugar and 3 tablespoons of meringue powder sifted together (meringe powder found in baking section of Walmart, Michael’s or JoAnn’s). Add 6 tablespoons of water and mix with electric mixer 5-7 minutes. It took 6 batches to put together 30 houses and to make 30 individual frosting bags.

The boys enjoyed this activity every bit as much as the girls, although I saw two differences between the groups that made me chuckle. One – they divided themselves into a boy table and a girl table — no intermixing. Two – the boys finished this activity much more quickly than the girls, who created more detailed houses. The boys did their decorating and then ran for Braydon’s plastic swords and Nerf guns!

Here’s the birthday boy.

Once the girls finished their houses, they went to the backyard to play. Tricia borrowed some lights and inflatables from her mother (love using what you have!) to create the backyard wonderland (which also was warmed with space heaters and a fire pit). When the boys realized all the girls were outside, they went on the attack. To the girls’ credit, they bravely guarded the nutcracker gate and did not let the boys pass without correctly guessing the password!

We rounded the kids back up for present opening and “cake” — Braydon prefers brownies and Rice Krispy bars, so they stood in for a cake — smart mamma! During all this, the door bell rang and Braydon received a surprise guest: Santa!

Then it was back outside for marshmallow roasting.

At the end of the night, each child took home a goody bag that Tricia decorated with a tag from The Polar Express and a felt reindeer that she made. Inside each goody bag was a necklace that Tricia made. The boys and girls loved these and  you can see Braydon wearing his in the photo above. A local elementary school student created the idea for these necklaces; you can find them under the brand name  Zanzy Bands. But since Tricia had 25 goody bags to make, she created her own from pony tail holders and  “O” rings found in the make-your-own jewelry section at Walmart, Michael’s or JoAnn’s. The goody bags also included candy (always a hit) and — of course — a bell, proof of Santa for all those who believe.

Many thanks to Tricia for letting me share Braydon’s party!

Real Party: 4-Year Old’s Christmas Candy Birthday Party & Printables Giveaway!

I was so excited to find this birthday party from We Love Crafty Tracey in my email box yesterday! And not only are you going to love all the bright colors, you’re especially going to love the GIVEAWAY at the end of this post that Tracey is providing just to Double the Fun Parties readers! We Love Crafty Tracey  creates handmade parties for life’s celebrations. They provide DIY printable parties, small event styling, and unforgettably sweet dessert tables.

Tracey Sebastian created this birthday party for a friend’s daughter who was turning 4. The lucky little girl is all about candy and Christmas, so can you imagine how big her eyes must have been when she saw this? Tracey even included two pink Christmas trees in her dessert table and decorated them with candy-inspired ornaments.

Tracey created a Candy Christmas party printable set full of candy and gingerbread men, and filled a table with a variety of sweets: gumballs, rock candy, marshmallows, salt water taffy, gingerbread men, gum drops, lollipops, and chocolate bars. Cookies were purchased from a local fine foods store named Vincenzo’s.

Looks like Tracey used the strawberry marshmallows that I used at Meg and Grace’s flower fairy party (and that their Uncle Ray could not stop eating) — they are really good. And how cute is the trifle bowl stuffed with candy and cookies?

The birthday cake was a triple layer vanilla and chocolate, decorated with candy and a gingerbread house, set up to look like a candy version of the North Pole. (Tracey even made the cake!)

The dining table was dressed with a bright tablecloth, and each place setting was set with a candy coloring sheet, markers, party hat and utensils.

Treat bags for the girls to take home were filled with sweets and cupcake lip gloss.

Tracey will be putting the full printable collection, with additional accessories, up in her Etsy shop this week. She’s made two versions of the collection: a birthday version and a Christmas Cookie Exchange version. One of my lucky readers is going to win one of those printable collections! You choose which one.

The Birthday version is $45 value with 29 sheets of printables, including:

  • 8 Sheets of Scrapbooking Papers
  • Happy Birthday Banner
  • 4 Party Hats
  • Mini Chocolate Bar Wrappers
  • 3 Sheets of Tent Cards
  • 3 Sheets of Party Circles
  • Gingerbread Men and Lollipop Cut Outs
  • 2 Sheets of Bottle Wrappers
  • Favor Tags
  • Coloring Sheet

The Cookie Exchange version is a $35 value with 27 sheets of printables, including:

  • 8 Sheets of Scrapbooking Papers
  • Merry Christmas Banner
  • Recipe Cards
  • Mini Chocolate Bar Wrappers
  • 3 Sheets of Tent Cards
  • 3 Sheets of Party Circles
  • Gingerbread Men and Lollipop Cut Outs
  • 2 Sheets of Bottle Wrappers
  • Favor Tags
  • Gift Tags
  • Coloring Sheet

There also are a variety of accessory items that will go up in the shop, including cupcake wrappers, pillow boxes, full size chocolate bar wrappers and treat bags.

If you are not the lucky winner, both collections will be on sale in Tracey’s Etsy shop during the first week they are posted at 50% off! You can buy either an entire collection, or just the invitation.

Giveaway – How to Enter

Increase your chances of winning by doing EACH of the following nine things. For each task you complete you can leave one comment; that’s up to nine comments per person. All entries will be verified. Please leave your email address if it’s not available via your profile.

This giveaway ends Wednesday, December 14 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Any entries received after this time will not be considered. The winner will be selected at random via and announced the following day on this blog. Good luck!!

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Once Upon A Time Princess First Birthday From The Petite Soiree

Lucky us! Today, Stefanie Nieves of The Petite Soiree is letting me share her Once Upon a Time Princess First Birthday party with you. Stefanie created this event for the daughter of a local NJ news anchor … in just 4 weeks … beginning while Stefanie was on bed rest recovering from surgery. Oh my goodness – that is dedication!

This charming party was designed in tones of pink, white and gold for lucky birthday girl Briella. What a sweet welcome sign!

The party was held at a local venue and Stefanie and team brought in several party rentals to fill and decorate the space. The welcome table featured a lattice backboard, feather pen, and castle — all made by The Petite Soiree. I also love the name blocks — they would be cute for any birthday or baby shower.

Each place setting featured a doily placemat and clear plate. Guests received custom bookmarks and cake pops. The cake pops (40!) were donated by Cake Pop Fusion in the party colors. How smart to tie in the storybook theme with a bookmark!

The table centerpieces included table signs and florals. I love how The Petite Soiree added the round floral pick to the pink flowers and tiaras.

The children’s area included a tot-sized table with alternating pink and white chairs. The princess tent was a rental — and a great way to keep guests entertained.

Here is a close-up of the yarn pom garland draped across the fireplace.

Each place at the children’s table had a coloring book that Stefanie hand made. (Exactly when did she recover from that surgery?). The coloring books had custom covers, designed by Paper Candee, and told “The Fairy Tale Story of Princess Briella and her Royal Court.” (And note the crayons: Stefanie just pulled the white inner boxes out of packs of 48 crayons.

Princess Briella and the Royal Family ate at the Royal Dining Table – pretty pretty the glass goblets and candlesticks! The candlesticks hold handmade pillows topped with a flower crown, a tiara and a wand.

Behind the Royal Dining Table, you can catch a peek of the banner by Paper Candee that reads “Happy 1st Birthday Princess Briella.”

Briella’s high chair was covered in velvet, wrapped in tulle and decorated with roses. Wow.

The super-sized dessert buffet included a jacquard fabric backboard and gold cake stand from Stefanie and then filled in with a diaper cake from Michelle of Embellished Babycakes. The desserts and tabletop styling were provided by CW Distinctive Designs.

About The Petite Soiree

The Petite Soiree specializes in creating upscale, whimsically modern events. Their celebrations are designed to truly express the honoree’s personality, and originality. Says Stefanie, “At The Petite Soiree, we design and plan all types of events, no matter what size, style or theme. Our greatest inspiration for every event we do is the unique people they are for. Our hope is to provide an event that you will cherish forever.” They offer event design, planning, onsite management, custom handmade decor, fondant cakes and rentals in the NJ/NYC area.

To connect with Stefanie…




Vendor Credits

Graphics: Paper Candee

Welcome table blocks: MonthMarkers

Yarn Pom Garland: Cupcake Wishes + Birthday Dreams

Diaper cake: Embellished Babycakes

Desserts and tabletop styling: CW Distinctive Designs

Cake pops: Cake Pop Fusion (they are having a giveaway through Dec. 4, 2011 so stop by!)