Free Christmas CAREoling Printables From Inkberry Creative

I have a new holiday tradition to introduce to you, courtesy of Jenn Scholes from Inkberry Creative and Jennifer Melda. I love this idea — and it comes complete with free printables! Jennifer dreamed up the concept of CAREoling and Jenn designed the printables. The jist is that instead of surprising friends, family or strangers with Christmas Carols, you surprise them with an act of kindness and one of these printable CAREoling Cards. Nifty, right?

Jennifer explains:

“An example would be to give warm treats and a CAREoling Card with an appreciative little note to the person who collects your trash on a cold, winter day. How amazing would the holidays be if everyone was surprising each other with kind words and fun surprises? This is a great way to introduce our children to the goodness of GIVING too!”

Jenn continues:

Click any of the links below to download your FREE Christmas or Holiday CAREoling card, so that you can share this with others! There are three versions to choose from: Christmas Swirls (using Christmas wording and a classic red swirl design), Festive Polka Dots (using Christmas wording and a fun polka dot design great for kids!) and Blue Holiday Swirl (using holiday wording in lovely blue & silver design). Print them out and include them with each surprise!

To read more about Christmas CAREoling, visit Jennifer’s blog: for a TON of ideas to get you started. You also can visit Christmas CAREoling on Facebook to share your ideas, stories, photos and more!

You can turn this into a project for the 12 Days of Christmas, Advent, or just one sweet act of kindness this holiday season!




Don’t know Inkberry Creative? They are a full service, custom stationery design company with a special love for fabulous photo cards and party invitations that feature a bold, colorful and whimsical style like no other. Inkberry Creative, Inc. is the parent company of, where you can find a wide variety of photo cards, birth announcements, holiday cards, party invitations, photo thank you notes, stationery and more. All of their designs are completely customizable and available in any color scheme you need, with any wording.

Thanks to Jenn and Jennifer for letting me share this with you! If you try this idea with your family, I’d love to hear about it.


Once Upon A Time Princess First Birthday From The Petite Soiree

Lucky us! Today, Stefanie Nieves of The Petite Soiree is letting me share her Once Upon a Time Princess First Birthday party with you. Stefanie created this event for the daughter of a local NJ news anchor … in just 4 weeks … beginning while Stefanie was on bed rest recovering from surgery. Oh my goodness – that is dedication!

This charming party was designed in tones of pink, white and gold for lucky birthday girl Briella. What a sweet welcome sign!

The party was held at a local venue and Stefanie and team brought in several party rentals to fill and decorate the space. The welcome table featured a lattice backboard, feather pen, and castle — all made by The Petite Soiree. I also love the name blocks — they would be cute for any birthday or baby shower.

Each place setting featured a doily placemat and clear plate. Guests received custom bookmarks and cake pops. The cake pops (40!) were donated by Cake Pop Fusion in the party colors. How smart to tie in the storybook theme with a bookmark!

The table centerpieces included table signs and florals. I love how The Petite Soiree added the round floral pick to the pink flowers and tiaras.

The children’s area included a tot-sized table with alternating pink and white chairs. The princess tent was a rental — and a great way to keep guests entertained.

Here is a close-up of the yarn pom garland draped across the fireplace.

Each place at the children’s table had a coloring book that Stefanie hand made. (Exactly when did she recover from that surgery?). The coloring books had custom covers, designed by Paper Candee, and told “The Fairy Tale Story of Princess Briella and her Royal Court.” (And note the crayons: Stefanie just pulled the white inner boxes out of packs of 48 crayons.

Princess Briella and the Royal Family ate at the Royal Dining Table – pretty pretty the glass goblets and candlesticks! The candlesticks hold handmade pillows topped with a flower crown, a tiara and a wand.

Behind the Royal Dining Table, you can catch a peek of the banner by Paper Candee that reads “Happy 1st Birthday Princess Briella.”

Briella’s high chair was covered in velvet, wrapped in tulle and decorated with roses. Wow.

The super-sized dessert buffet included a jacquard fabric backboard and gold cake stand from Stefanie and then filled in with a diaper cake from Michelle of Embellished Babycakes. The desserts and tabletop styling were provided by CW Distinctive Designs.

About The Petite Soiree

The Petite Soiree specializes in creating upscale, whimsically modern events. Their celebrations are designed to truly express the honoree’s personality, and originality. Says Stefanie, “At The Petite Soiree, we design and plan all types of events, no matter what size, style or theme. Our greatest inspiration for every event we do is the unique people they are for. Our hope is to provide an event that you will cherish forever.” They offer event design, planning, onsite management, custom handmade decor, fondant cakes and rentals in the NJ/NYC area.

To connect with Stefanie…




Vendor Credits

Graphics: Paper Candee

Welcome table blocks: MonthMarkers

Yarn Pom Garland: Cupcake Wishes + Birthday Dreams

Diaper cake: Embellished Babycakes

Desserts and tabletop styling: CW Distinctive Designs

Cake pops: Cake Pop Fusion (they are having a giveaway through Dec. 4, 2011 so stop by!)

Guest Post: How to Make Your Own Party Invitations {1st Birthday} | Easy Made Invitations

Today I’m so happy to welcome Lindsay from Easy Made Invitations as a guest blogger. Lindsay’s site is dedicated to teaching you how to make your own, beautiful homemade invitations.

What I love about Lindsay’s work is that she totally gets that while you want great invitations, and you may love some DIY crafting, you probably don’t have hours to devote to these projects. Just like her, you probably have a lot of other demands on your time — most importantly, your children.

Here is Lindsay with the instructions for making your own oh-so-sweet first birthday invitation.

Hi! I’m Lindsay with really easy steps for making your own colorful striped birthday invitation. If you’d like to make this invitation, then just follow these simple steps…

Supply List…

The first step is to cut out all the paper possible, other than the text sheet, and put them into piles. This makes the assembly process much faster. Cut the striped (or other fun print paper) to a size of 8-1/2″x 5-1/2″. Next, cut the yellow cardstock to a size of 7-1/2″x 4-1/2″.

Now you will need to determine a text layout. I like to use my printshop program for my invitations. Start by choosing a vertical page layout. Create a text box near the top. You can then type in your information for your party. For this 1st birthday invitation, I thought it would be fun to add a cute saying…

“Sweets and treats and lots of fun,

let’s celebrate as

Emma Claire

turns 1!”

Then continue by adding the rest of your party information. I used a fairly plain print font for the main body, but a cute italicized font for the name. I also printed the main body in orange and the name in red, to help blend all the colors together.

To make sure that your text is positioned correctly, you may need to use trial and error printing until you have it correct. Print one out and compare it to your other pages to determine if it will fit well. Remember to leave a larger margin on the left side for the candle.  Once you have a good position, copy and paste the text box to the bottom of the page too. This will give you two text sheets per one sheet of paper.

Now, just print out the text on the white cardstock. Once it’s printed, cut it to a size of 7″x 4″.

For the next step, cut a length of ribbon and tie a bow around one birthday candle.

Finally is the assembly process, which is really simple! Using scrapbook mounting squares, attach the white cardstock to the yellow cardstock, then attach those two layers to the striped layer. Finally, using either mounting squares or a hot glue gun, attach the candle to the white cardstock. Be sure to keep everything centered!

You’re done! I love making super easy, super cute homemade invitations, especially for birthdays and I really enjoyed sharing this tutorial with you!

What if you love Lindsay’s invitations but don’t have any DIY time? You’re in luck! Lindsay also offers her invitations in her Etsy shop, Easy Made Invitations.

If you give this invitation a try, we’d love to see photos of your results.