Twins: Front Door Decoration

Sorry about the fuzzy photo; it was either fuzzy or tiny. Anyway, one of the challenges of celebrating a birthday for multiples is how to make it special for each child. My job is easier because I have two girls; mixing up a party for a boy/girl combo would be more challenging.

Up until last year, we always had two cakes and each girl got to choose her cake flavor and decorations. But at their 6th birthday, they said they didn’t care about having two cakes. We just gave Meg a chocolate layer and Grace a vanilla layer and they were happy as clams. Of course, we sing “Happy Birthday” twice.

I love this door decoration idea from Martha Stewart Weddings. The initials here are meant to represent the bride and groom, but I think an M and G would work just as well for my two. You can find letters in wood or paper mache at craft stores, but I’ve also seen wood letters at WalMart.

Here are the instructions:

“Personalize the entrance to the ceremony or reception in an instant with store-bought wooden initials. To display, loop wide satin ribbon around each letter. Knot ribbon at least one foot above letter, leaving ends long enough to create a bow (for letters that aren’t easily looped, hot-glue ribbon to letter’s back, and tie into a knot); hang on an over-the-door hanger. Tie ribbon ends into a bow and trim with pinking shears. Attach self-adhesive felt pads to backs of letters to protect door.”

One commentor added this tip:

“For letters like H and N there are usually small holes set into the backs of these letters. Instead of lopping the ribbon through the letter itself you can tie small knots at the ends, and pushing the knots into the back holes should hold. You can then tie a knot/ bow at the top making at slight triangular shape off of the top of the letter.”

I’ll post more another time about ways to create joint party themes. If you have twins (or more) I’d love to hear your ideas of how to make one party work for both children.


Minutes of Love Photo Shoot

I just adore these photos from Minutes of Love Photography so much I had to share a few with you. If you are in the Atlanta area and need portraits, I can highly recommend my experience with Katie. (The girls’ dresses are from Crazy 8.)