Moms Say …

“Hi Jennifer – I got everything and it is fabulous! I love the details. I am totally thrilled and busy working on my rendition of the party! Hopefully I will get some really good pictures that I can show you! Thank you so much for your quick responses and for putting together such a wonderful plan! Happy Thanksgiving!”

– Tonya, emailing about our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party Plan

“Oh my goddness!!! I just received the box!!! I can’t thank you enough!! My kids are going to love this !!!! THANK YOU!!!!!”

– Tara, emailing about our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party Kit

“Beverly really loved the lunch and the party and really appreciated all of the friends, relatives and family members who honored her for her 60th birthday! Thanks for all the work that you did to help create a really great surprise birthday party for Beverly yesterday. I know that it took a lot of time and a lot of effort … plus, there were many other things that needed to be done to end up making the lunch & party classy, enjoyable and successful.

Jennifer … I would be willing to vote for you as a “Professional Party Princess” … especially if you decide to become a full-time, professional “Party Princess” to routinely create super, professional parties & events in the future! You do have great decorating skills!! You did a GREAT job!”

– Ray, writing about our Bee Party

“I can never thank you enough for all that you did to make my 60th birthday the most special one ever. My party was beautiful and just wonderful in every way. I felt so loved and honored …. The planning and execution of such a day was in itself a real act of love, and I appreciate every bit of it. Jennifer, the amount of thought and detail that was given by you to the party still continues to amaze me. Thanks again for making my special day so memorable!!”

– Beverly, writing about our Bee Party

“Oh my gosh!!! I have GOT to be reincarnated as Jennifer’s daughter!!!!!!!!!!! That looks like the most fantastic 6th birthday party EVER!!! I can’t get over the attention to detail. Jennifer, I think you have a second career as a party planner. That is a birthday they will never forget (or any of the guests). “

– Rosamond, emailing about our Flower Fairy Party


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